Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hi Again!

After a break of a couple of months, I am ready to jump back into blogging. The past summer has been a rollercoaster – weddings, family visits, illness, children home from school, out of town trips, and book promotions, have all kept me busier than I ever imagined.

Now the dust has finally settled. The kids are back in school, family has come and gone, everyone’s well and…when I thought I was getting ready to be rolling my thumbs, I found a job. It’s a home job, mind you, and a writing one at that – the thing I love most – but it will nonetheless keep me busy.

So, this whole story to say that I will be back to regular blogging, but rather than posting everyday, I will probably do so half the time, perhaps every other day. I do miss talking to friends everyday, and I am glad I get to do a bit of that on Our Collective Wellness while I inhale a cup of coffee in the mornings; a little time is better than no time, right?

Blog for Hope will still be posted every Saturday morning, and while my October is already almost completely booked up, we really need to put our heads together and see if we can figure out ways to put aside some funds for the winter. If you would like to volunteer as a fund raiser organizer, I will love you for it. No idea is a bad idea, so feel free to shoot suggestions.

I think this is pretty much all I wanted to share for now. I look forward to posting again in the next couple of days, and to discuss topics with many people I have come to love talking to. So, see you the day after tomorrow. Until then, take care and don’t forget to enjoy life.