Monday, June 6, 2011

Online Contest: Enter to Win Cash Prizes!

This online contest is open to resident of the US, Canada and UK. Contestants are required to answer three questions on the novel, The Book of Obeah. Responses to the questions should be sent to starting on June 10, 2011, and all entries should be received by July 30, 2011. I will select three winners by midnight on that date and notify them via e-mail. Cash prizes will be awarded through Paypal, or if winners prefer, I can arrange to send a money order. Autographed books will be sent to the address of your choice. This contest is not opened to individuals who were involved with the making of the book, to include the publisher and its affiliates, independent editors and marketing consultants.

Please answer these questions:

1 – In The Book of Obeah, Melody met several characters. Which of the characters do you think will follow her into the next book of the series, and why?

2 – Imagine the possibility of The Book of Obeah becoming a feature film. If you were the cast director, who would you cast to play the different roles?

3 – In a few words, tell me how the story should continue. Based on the information you have from the first book, what do you think should happen next?

Prizes will be awarded as such:

- First prize: $100
- Second prize: $75
- Third prize: $50

Three other winners will be awarded honorary mentions on my website, and they will receive an autographed copy of the novel.

Enter today and let your friends know so that they can also qualify for a chance to win. GOOD LUCK!!!

No purchase is necessary to enter the contest. If you are interested in reading reviews or the synopsis of the novel, please visit