Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Absolute Authority" by David Workman -- A Book Review

For someone who loves to read, there is no better treat than to stumble into a breathtaking plot impeccably delivered. Absolute Authority is just that, plain and simple – a spellbinding tale ripe with so many twists and turns that I couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what would happen next. For the record, I don’t usually read spy thrillers, but there was something so compelling about the cover that I felt drawn to it immediately. I never regretted it. This book is so well written and suspenseful that Tom Clancy himself would be impressed by it, and the writing style is so clean and rich with visual expressions that it creates its own literary symphony. To my knowledge, this is the first novel Workman has released, but I certainly hope it won’t be his last. A page-turner, the ending of which will leave you speechless and begging for more. This book is available on and On Barnes&