Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stepping Stones to Hope

Good morning, everybody!

As many friends from GoLo already know, last year I started a group called A Blog for Hope, a local effort to help members of the GoLo online community who are struggling in the harsh economy.

This morning, a twin group to Blog for Hope was born. Stepping Stones to Hope was created with two goals in mind - raising funds for Blog for Hope, and providing a space where donors can claim a little spot for themselves or others they care about to be remembered in love.

When a donation is sent to Blog for Hope, the name of the donor will be "engraved" on one of the stepping stones, and added to our lawn. Donors can also choose to have a different name on the stone, such as names of friends they wish to honor, or loved ones they would like to remember.

We are also creating a Rainbow Path to honor our pets who have departed. If you would like to do something special to commemorate your pet, please send us a photo (optional) and the pet's name, and a special stepping stone will be added.

This group is still under construction, so please bear with us as we try to work out the details.

Details on donation can be found on the group's main page,

Although donations will strictly help members of the GoLo online community, I feel that others can benefit from the joy of being able to commemorate their loved ones, thus the decision to share this information outside of the GoLo community was reached.

Thank you for your support, and may you be blessed in all your endeavors. :-)