Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life passions

A few days ago someone asked me what I do, aside from writing.
Although my days seem always full to the rim, and I barely have the time to breathe, this question left me speechless for a few minutes.
What do I do? Writing is my passion. My children are my world. Spirituality is the glue that keeps it all together.
I guess that the best title I can identify with is "life observer". I have been labeled a life coach before, but I have never been fully satisfied with it.
Life observer wraps it all up. For many years, I have applied what I know about spiritual teachings to my life, and I have tried to use the same knowledge to help others.
I have always offered my skills pro-bono, and there have been many times when people have asked me why I do that; until now, I really didn't have an answer for that either. Then, when I started writing, all these wonderful life stories I had listened to from my "clients" came together in creating a wonderful diving board for my writing career.
Suddenly I realized how much I have learned from each person. They all believed that I was helping them in finding the light at the end of their dark tunnel, but I don't think anyone ever considered that they helped me too.
Through each tale I discovered something I didn't know before; a new piece of the puzzle that added clarity to the bigger picture.
My writing is based on what I have learned through the years. Some of the content came from the many life experiences that were shared with me, some from my own upbringing in a very eclectic spiritual home, and some certainly came from that wonderful place which is the creative mind in each of us.
My first work, "The Book of Obeah", is a spiritual suspense novel: While fulfilling the final request of her departed Grandmama, Melody Bennet, a young professional raised in the genteel suburbs of North Carolina, is plunged into the clandestine world of an ancient West African religion – via the Louisiana bayou. In unearthing a mysterious religious manuscript, Melody collides with those seeking powers believed to be contained within the text, from The Vatican to individuals claiming it as their legacy. She accepts the task of safeguarding the book and finds lives are threatened, including her own, sometimes from unexpected directions. As her knowledge grows and perceptions shift, Melody's path is fused with that of the sacred book. She risks body and soul to protect both and, unbeknownst to her, secures the future of an esoteric, divine prophecy.
I recently found a literary agent who signed me up, and is willing to represent my novel. Saying that I am excited is truly an understatement. Aside from taking on "The Book of Obeah", Krista Goering also asked me if I wold be willing to write a non-fiction book about self improvement or spirituality. After giving that idea a few deep thoughts, the concept of "Housekeeping For The Soul" was born. It is currently a work in progress, but the first draft is very promising and I am receiving good feedback on it. Until my new project is polished and ready to take off, I am still busy trying to prepare the first baby for its imminent flight.
In the meanwhile, I continue to talk to people and widen the horizons of my understanding.
Someday, I hope I will be able to look back and appreciate all the small steps that have led me to where I will be standing.
I would like to invite everyone to watch my novel video trailer on youtube at:, or visit my website at:

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stunderdahl said...

I love the 'Housekeeping for the Soul'concept, and the title! Keep us posted!
Susan Thompson Underdahl