Sunday, June 22, 2008

Whispers from within.

As I drove home from a play date with my daughter two days ago, I annoyingly found myself moving at a snail's pace, inching behind a long line of cars slowly cruising with their emergency lights on. I speculated that an accident was probably the reason for the traffic jam, until I saw that the long line was led by a police patrol car.
Because of the imminent presidential elections, I wondered if one of the candidates might be inside one of the cars. As I patiently waited, a quick flashback from long ago pierced through the fibers of my consciousness, and took me back to a time when President Bush visited Raleigh.
As the traffic finally picked up speed when the line of cars escorted by the police took a left at the next intersection, I drove home with no further delay. That night, as I related the incident to my husband over dinner, he informed me that President Bush was in Raleigh.
The whole evening I mulled over the synchronicity between Mr. Bush being in town and my flashback. Personally, I don’t believe in coincidences, and I look for signs to give me guidance any time I stand at a life crossroad. What made this situation slightly different is the fact that it didn’t directly involve me; it was merely curiosity that prompted me to ask who might be in one of those vehicles.
I asked, and Universe answered with an image I could understand. Just like that. It was nothing more or less than a quick exchange between two minds.
At any given time in our life, we are never alone. Our ego pushes for us to feel disconnected and out of touch, but if we just pay attention we realize that our feelings of isolation are only an illusion. If we truly watch for signs and remain open to messages, something will happen which will answer our questions and offer guidance.
Guidance can come in many guises; it could come through as a random situation we are allowed to witness, as something that is happening to a friend, as a TV or radio commercial, or even as one of the many thoughts that cross our mind after we have wondered about something.
No matter how the answers reach us, we must remain available and alert if we hope to acknowledge them. Furthermore, we must allow ourselves to trust the guidance which comes from deep within. If we belittle its importance, or dismiss the voice as ‘silly imagination’, we limit our vision and narrow the scope of our understanding.
The Universe-or God Mind-is ever ready to provide answers and guidance, but it is very subtle as it guides us through intuition and signs. As a lady I know once said: “The Devil (our ego) is very loud, and to hear the soft voice of God (our inner guide) we must listen very carefully.”
The choice to accept or dismiss the guidance we receive is up to us; some of us will pay attention, while some others will ignore it in favor of a theory which can be proven by limited science.
Whatever we choose to do with it, it is important that we all acknowledge the existence of our inner knowledge, and respect it as wise advice kindly bestowed on us by the greater mind which humbly and silently observes our vicissitudes from within us. Intuition is our lantern in the darkness of illusion; by following its light, we can overcome even the greatest obstacles and remain true to ourselves. By accepting its guidance we can take one more step toward a boundless consciousness, and we can rest assured that we are on the right track toward making sound decisions.