Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can Anyone Out There please Teach Me How to Walk on Water?

…Maybe then I might have a chance to banish the demon commonly known as DMV.

As some know from a previous rant, about a year ago I had some items taken from my house from someone I considered a good friend at the time. It wasn’t until about six weeks ago that I found out some rather important documents were missing, and it is possible that they were taken as well. One of those documents happens to be my permanent resident’s card.

I filed a police report and followed the channels; I applied for a replacement of my card, along with filing to replace other documents that were missing.

Meanwhile, my driver’s license was coming close to the date when it needed to be renewed, so I contacted DMV and explained what happened. I was assured that since I held a valid NC driver’s license, I did not need any further documentation. Upon visiting the local driver license office, I indeed found out they needed my card. I went home and got in touch with the USCIS to find out what I should do. They told me that an official form I-797 was on route to my house, and it could be used as proof of residence. Again, that was not enough for the DMV.

So, armed with good will to resolve all this in a timely manner, I personally went to the Durham office of the USCIS and explained my situation to the officer who, the moment I mentioned the infamous word DMV, became very sympathetic and called her supervisor. The supervisor looked at the police report, at my application for replacement, and the data in his computer, and decided to issue a temporary card WITH THE SAME INFORMATION AS THE OTHER CARD which I can use as proof of residence while I wait for the replacement card to be processed.

Very happy with the help I received, I went home and called DMV. I told them about the replacement and asked if I needed anything further to go in and renew my license. In no uncertain terms, they said that I can go in tomorrow and show them the new “evidence”, but that most likely they won’t be able to renew my license because they need the actual card, which in the best case scenario, I won’t receive for several months.

Never mind the fact that I can show these people twenty years worth of tax returns, bills paid and a perfect driving record, along with lots of other supporting information.

If they don’t budge tomorrow, I guess I will call the state attorney general and the commissioner. After that, I will appeal to higher offices, until something is done. I have held a driver’s license for twenty years with no incidents of any nature and I refuse to be grounded for months without a good reason.

They wanted proof? They have it. The only thing I failed to provide for them is a certification of my ability to walk on water. Can anyone teach me how?

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