Sunday, September 27, 2009

Waiting for the Messenger

“Every burden is a blessing” ~ Walt Kelly

Last Friday, my day started on the wrong foot. Besides being late leaving the house and having to go back twice to retrieve items I had forgotten, I realized that my car was making a strange sound while on the way to take my daughter to school; despite the fact that I had a lot of errands to run and not enough time to get everything accomplished before having to go back to pick my daughter up, I decided to go by my husband’s station to get the car checked out.

After the car was fixed – and I was already running an hour behind schedule – my husband asked me to stay until he worked out details of a transaction he was having trouble with from the day before; once that was taken care of, my phone rang and I ended up being delayed for another fifteen minutes.

I finally walked outside, ready to get in my car, when I passed by my husband talking to a customer. He introduced me to the lady and I realized then that we had briefly met before, so I stayed and talked to her for a minute.

It was quite amazing how many things we had in common, but what made that encounter so particularly precious was the fact that during the conversation I indirectly got the answer to a problem that had weighed on my mind for a couple of days. It was almost as if Universe had coaxed my off-schedule visit to the station and my delayed departure, just to make me run into this lady.

By the time I left, I only had little over an hour to run all my errands, but everything worked so smoothly that I got everything accomplished - and even had fifteen minutes left to grab some lunch - before picking my daughter up.

Very often, when things happen, it’s easy to get frustrated because we can’t see the full picture. We see the obstacles, and remember the struggles, but rarely do we stop and think about the blessings we might have missed if those blocks weren’t there to slow us down.

A day which appeared to be cumbersome and non-productive in the beginning, turned out to be a very positive one, and allowed me to see that sometimes obstacles must be embraced, for they might be markers leading us where we must go.

I put a question out to the Universe and expected an answer. I was obliged, but not before learning a lesson or two.


CUZ said...

And that's the way of it many more times than we will admit to.

If you want strong muscles exercise them. If you want strong faith test it.

If you want patience wish for opposition to it.

Sandra Carrington-Smith said...

Cuz!!! It's so great to hear from you! How have you been?

And, truer words have never been spoken. :-)