Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Only a Matter of Time

“Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Most spiritual scholars agree that time is only a human invention devised to organize our lives on earth. When I went to research the exact meaning of time, I was quite surprised to see that I couldn’t find a clear answer anywhere.

According to the Encarta Dictionary, time is described by the following definitions:

1- System of distinguishing events: a dimension that enables two identical events occurring at the same point in space to be distinguished, measured by the interval between the events.
2- Period with limits: a limited period during which an action, process, or condition exists or takes place.

Quite often we become distressed by the concept of time, and especially if we are waiting for something important to us, each hour feels like a whole day, and each day like a month. On the contrary, when we are having fun, time seems to move at the speed of light.

When we put a wish or a prayer out into the Universe, we sometimes feel disappointed and disheartened as hours and days flow by without result. Yet, nothing happens without a reason. When we are prompted to wait for something, it could simply be that something else requires our immediate attention. "In terms of our inner lives, no time exists except for what is happening in the present moment," says a Zen Buddhist teacher.

I ran into the following video a few days ago, and thought that it perfectly fit the concept of time needed for a blessing to unfold. Please watch it with an open heart and then see how it applies to your own life.


The blessings of tomorrow will come at their own time. Today, however, is a limited commodity, and the blessings willingly overlooked may never come around again.

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