Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fact or Sensory Illusion? (Repost)

Have you ever wondered if others see and hear the same things you do? After all, images and sounds are picked up by our senses, and then transferred to our brain for processing.

What if our brain - conditioned by previous experiences and teachings - decodes information in a bias fashion? Could a person say one thing and we hear another?

That would certainly explain why people don't seem to find a common ground, at times, or why some find a particular person or thing beautiful while others consider the same thing unattractive or unpleasant. In my personal experience, I know there have been situations when I said one thing and others understood something completely different; it was like we were on entirely different agendas.

What about those cases when the same thing is observed or heard by multiple individuals? Could it be that the response we hear from others is also biased and "produced" by our brain? Is it possible that we "decide" what we are going to hear from others, and selectively choose who will agree with us and who won't?

The hidden triggers in our subconscious have the power to affect our actions and the way we personally approach things, so it would only make sense that they have an impact on the way we see or hear.

What's your opinion?

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