Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Tree That Was Upside Down

“Flowers always sprout from seeds protected by the darkness of the earth.” ~ Author Unknown

Yesterday, a friend sent me a beautiful picture via e-mail. It depicted a person standing by a very large tree, under the moonlight; the tree was mirrored on a body of water in front of it. Although I was instantly stunned by the breathtaking beauty of the photo, something about it caught my eye in particular – the top of the tree was the lowest point of the mirrored image.

For decades now, it has been speculated that our outside world is but a mirrored reflection of our inner world, and that the real self lives beyond our consciousness and observes our daily experiences to learn from them. If that’s indeed how things work, and we compare the picture of the two trees to our dual selves – inner and outer – then the tree and the body of water would be equal to our inner reality, and the mirrored reflection would represent what we see and manifest in the outside world. In this case, what we consider the “lowest” part of the reflected image is in fact the highest part of the real tree.

When we apply the same analogy to life occurrences, it is easy to see how the lowest and darkest moments in our lives can often be the highest points our spirit can reach. Our soul is not affected by greed, fear, pride or doubt, and it evolves whenever we learn a lesson in humility, compassion, forgiveness, or unconditional love even if we struggle through the process of learning.

When life doesn’t indulge our illusion of control, we can choose to take one of two possible paths – we either understand the meaning of what’s truly important, or we bury ourselves even deeper into a self-dug, ego-induced grave. Either way - and whether we realize the value of our experience or not - our soul learns from the choices we make. Thus, the lowest point in our lives IS the highest point our spirit can achieve, and our darkest moments are often a shortcut to see the light.

Just as flowers couldn’t sprout if left on the surface of the earth to dry in the sun, our spiritual awareness would not prosper if we were never left in the dark.

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