Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looking for Purpose

We often hear people wondering about their life purpose. Although this is a subject that can be explored on many levels, and be approached differently by varied systems of belief, the underlying question is basically the same: Why are we here?

According to multiple expressions of spirituality, we are here to learn basic soul lessons which will elevate our spirit toward purity and greater understanding of universal laws. Certain spiritual traditions teach that Spirit creates different images of earthly manifestation to learn how to recognize all the different possibilities of its creation.

Even when the questions of collective purpose are generally answered by the above assumptions, we still don’t know what our individual purpose is. Are we here to create something, to support someone else during their journey, or is it even possible that some of us are here to facilitate a revelation and be the catalyst for a specific event?

No matter how insignificant we might feel - or how small our contribution may appear - we are not able to see the full picture as long as we are a part of it. For example, a woman might have worked extremely hard raising children, and may feel that she has not accomplished much of anything else in her life, especially if her children are not deemed “successful” in the eyes of society. By the time she reaches her final days, the woman has no way of knowing that one of her great-grandchildren will give birth to someone who will save humanity, someday, by discovering a new medical treatment which will revolutionize modern medicine. Maybe, our true purpose is simply that of helping others rewire their inner light, or even to feed the hungry stray dog that will save a baby trapped in a building engulfed by flames.

As far as our individual purpose is concerned, we really need to focus on the small things; have we made – or can we make - a difference in someone’s life? Have we taught someone something valuable? Have we smiled at a stranger we have met on the street, and generated a ripple of cheer which will spread beyond our knowledge? Have we hugged a friend and made them feel less alone? Each of us holds a great power, that of changing the world starting with ourselves.

At the time of our conception we fought hard to survive as an individual, and reach the shores of this world; we were determined to get here and live whatever purpose we held true in our hearts; yet, once the ship finally touched land we forgot we had a specific mission, and allowed the winds of circumstance to disconnect us from our inner truth.

Regardless of how much we understand, our life is precious and priceless, and should always be viewed as a privilege and an opportunity. It is up to us to turn it into one.

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