Friday, December 11, 2009

A Path to Neverland

“Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” ~ Author unknown

Yesterday I went with my daughter to watch the Disney on Ice show. As expected, it was quite amazing – the music, the lights, the special effects and costumes validated, once again, the quality of entertainment Disney is able to deliver.

It was pure delight to watch my daughter’s face light up when the first handful of characters came out, but what truly amazed me was the fact that just a few minutes into the show I was swept away and carried into a land of dreams.

As an adult, it is hard to explain that feeling. Watching the old familiar characters parade on the ice, and being suddenly transported back to a time in my life when worries and obligations didn’t exist and everything was magical, allowed me to tap into a place in my heart most adults don’t visit too often.

Just a few days ago I was listening to a song by Supertramp on the radio, The Logical Song, in which the author speaks of a time in his life when everything was magical and he was in tune with beauty and creation; after he was sent away to school and he was taught to direct his thinking to satisfy the demands of society, he lost touch with his inner child; the beauty around him was gone, taking away with it his sense of self.

Certainly, to survive within the folds of society we are required to refine some of our thinking and skills, but we should never completely lose touch with the part of ourselves which connects to a simpler world, a peaceful land where everything is possible.

Unguarded emotions can be dangerous and can quickly lead to dangerous depths if one is not cautious of their overwhelming power, but even when following a rigorous regime of self-discipline, one should still hold on to the invisible cord connecting us to our inner child and to the possibility that dreams can be turned into reality if enough passion, effort and dedication are poured into them. As Gail Devers once said, "All dreams are possible for those who believe."

When we stop dreaming, we forget who we truly are. Simple pleasures are the precious stones bejeweling the path to personal bliss. By following their dazzling light we might, in the end, find the path to Neverland.

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