Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Power of an Entire Ocean

“The world we are experiencing today is the result of our collective consciousness, and if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibility for helping create it.”
~ Rosemary Fillmore Rhea

Friday morning was the day I was scheduled to go for proctor training at my son’s high school. The training proved to be a painless, quick thing, and I was out of there by 11:00 am. Since on Fridays my daughter gets out at 12:15, I figured I had no time to go home and get anything done before picking her up, so I decided instead to go see my husband at work and have a cup of coffee. Being already past mid-morning – and knowing that their coffee pot is rarely on that late in the day – I thought of trying something I hadn’t tried before. I focused on the fact that when broken down to the atoms, our bodies and minds are merely electrical energy, protons and electrons connected together. I started thinking that if energy is electricity, then it can be transferred between two energetic fields.

Could I transfer my thought of wanting a cup of coffee to my husband and have the coffee ready when I got there? I wasn’t sure, but there was no harm in trying. I visualized myself and my husband as images on a computer screen, each made of thousands of little energetic dots. Then, I formed the thought of asking for coffee, and imagined the energy produced by the thought as being copied and pasted from one image to the other. After the image was “sent”, I focused on something completely different to allow the energy to be released.

Ten minutes later I pulled into the parking lot, quite curious to see if my little experiment had worked or not. The moment I opened the front door, my brother-in-law said: “I made a pot of coffee, it just finished brewing.”

So it had worked; not exactly as I had envisioned, but the final result was the same as the initial desire; my husband hadn’t made the coffee, but his brother did; in the end, the coffee was ready, no matter who had clicked the button on the coffee pot. This experiment taught me two things – for one, if we ask for something clearly enough we can receive it, but we can’t control the unfolding process. The second thing was the confirmation – at least personally - that whether it is because of physics, or because of mystical powers at work, we all share a collective consciousness. All of us have the power to tap into it, as long as we remain open and willing to acknowledge the fact that we are all part of the same whole, and all exactly the same.

So, here’s my project for the day: Today I will try to repeat the experiment, but instead than sending thoughts of coffee to my husband, I will send thoughts of achieved peace and well-being, and I will “paste” them to a world wide page. Imagine if each of us did that, even for just one day. Everything can make a difference, and everyone can send out an ounce of positive energy which can add up to form collective pounds of good.

One drop of water cannot do much, but billions of drops can give everyone the power of an entire ocean, and form a wave which can wash over the world as we know it and change it. There is certainly no harm in trying; so, are you willing to be the next drop?

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