Wednesday, May 19, 2010

International Book Award Winner!

I found this out last night, and maybe I shouldn't even say anything, since results won't be announced until next week at Book Expo of America in NYC, but I am so excited I think I will fly away if I don't share...

The Book of Obeah won the International Book Award in the multicultural fiction category!!!

And, if I wasn't already happy enough, I found out Housekeeping for the Soul was a finalist in the nonfiction inspirational category!

I am SO happy right now, I could scream!!! I just had to share...:-)


Sabine said...

Congratulations! This is huge. You deserve to feel great satisfaction!

Tonya Scott Wyandon said...

Just stopping by to offer the warmest of wishes to an amazing team...Sandra and Dena, for a job well done!
The dedication to your desires are paying off. You should feel wonderful for receiving such recognition!
I am so very proud of you guys!