Thursday, May 17, 2012

KILLER IN SIGHT, A Tom Lackey Mystery -- An Editorial Book Review by Milena Rimassa

Sandra Carrington-Smith's latest novel opens with a kaleidoscope of rapid-fire images that viscerally transport you through the last moments of a dying woman's life. Impossible to put down from word one, I had to – if only briefly – to get a glass of water, a slug of Scotch and make a call my own daughter, roughly the age of the book's victim, Tracey Newman. I also had to come back. Immediately. The same morbid curiosity that compels every one of us to rubberneck for glimpses of details at the scene of a horrific car wreck had me retrace Tracey's last jog in the North Carolina woods into the arms of her killer with a second reading of the first page. My ankles burned with her cuts. My stomach curdled as she observed her own impending demise depicted in the author’s hyper-real montage of Tracey's final random thoughts, sensations and emotions. I strained to see the killer through her fading eyes and thought to myself, “Great set-up, Sandra, you really got me.” Tracey was dead and the story begins. Ms. Carrington-Smith weaves together multiple back-stories that cannot be taken at face value. First, there is a love story between the detective handling Tracey's case and his long-time photographer girlfriend. Through their relationship, we peek into a complex and inspiring dynamic between these two people. Secretly, I couldn't help say a prayer that the detective would not be killed in the line of duty. Then, there is a universe of brilliantly crafted who-coulda-done-it characters. As the story unfolds, we learn that each has intersected with Tracey in unexpected ways. The author delves into universal themes ranging from the complexities of infidelity, abandonment, sexual orientation, victimization, redemption – and perfectly weaves each character's back story into the context of this murder/mystery. Magically, each character’s demons are exorcized through their relationships with Tracey. Then, there is the author's unmistakable moniker – the other realm. In this book, Lily, a spirit stuck between this world and what lies beyond, holds the key to solving Tracey's murder. Enjoy the ride.

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For a reader like me this novel looks beautiful but please do not spoil it by telling what is in the novel. Will definitely read it.