Friday, June 27, 2008

A light of understanding in the darkness of the unknown: Why Magick works.

Because of the mysterious cloak of fear which wraps itself around the word "Magick", most people believe that only a few initiated individuals hold the key to magickal manifestation. (True magick is spelled with a K at the end to differentiate it from stage magic.) The raw truth is that, if one has a mind that can think, he or she is able to work magick. There is no secret to magick. A thought is formulated, visualized, "felt" emotionally, and then RELEASED to the subconscious mind. Release is the key element: by passing the worry ball to a higher power, one lets go of the heavy feeling associated to a specific issue, and is able to focus on more positive aspects of life. Although it has been ostracized and demonized by mass media, magickal practice is nothing more than a highly visualized prayer, very similar to those used by mainstream religions. The only difference between the two is that magick is "acted" rather than being merely spoken. Magick and Christianity are sister and brother who have not yet realized their family ties.Hopefully, with the advent of a widespread increase of consciousness expansion, more and more people will come to understand that. No matter what our religious affiliation is, we all send wishes out to the Universe; whether we send them to God, Allah, Kali, Aradia or Olodumare, the message is still released to the waiting hands of a Higher Power only too eager to free us from the burden that weighs down our soul.

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