Friday, June 27, 2008

Soul healing: Moving the blocks

With the advent of a new wave of thought concerning the association between mind and soul, a new place of prominence has been given to the word "forgiveness". Our whole life, we have been conditioned to believe that by forgiving a painful action we are forfeiting our right to receive human or cosmic justice. Nothing is further than the truth. Real forgiveness does not imply that we let the insensitive acts of others off the hook; it simply means that we no longer allow them to run our life. In the greater scheme of things, we are our own worst enemy, and the first step toward forgiveness must be directed within ourselves. Only by embracing the relief that comes with forgiving ourselves for our flaws, mistakes and shortcomings, we will ever truly be able to start the wonderful journey toward successful inner healing.

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Elaine Luddy Klonicki said...

So true! When we forgive, we break the ties to the negative energy so that we can move on.

I think this is my favorite post so far, because it covers a powerful topic in so few words.