Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unveiling Karma

“Look to be treated by others as you have treated others.” ~Publius Syrus

I heard an interesting story, yesterday, which made me think of Karma. A lady I know was telling me about two of her neighbors and the feud that has been taking place between them.

The neighbors were angry because of some issues in their subdivision; when one of the two heard about the other neighbor being seriously injured after falling from her horse, she laughed it off and claimed that the other lady only got what she deserved. It wasn’t even two weeks after that, when the son of the bitter neighbor got in a car wreck, and sustained the same injuries as the lady who fell off the horse. As she was relating the incident to me, my friend simply blurted out: “Karma never fails”.

Karma is a word that in the past few years has been abused more than used. So, what exactly is Karma?

We all have heard stories which reflect the old saying “What goes around comes around”, but why does it? Is there a force behind it all that keeps score, or do we do so ourselves?

Karma is the scorekeeper of or own soul. In negative instances, it would be accurate to say that Karma is soul guilt.

Whenever we do something good - or something wrong - our conscious mind notes the action, and sends a message to our subconscious mind, the part of ourselves which links to the Universal mind of creation. If the message is positive, the subconscious mind holds on to it for a while, then triggers behaviors that will enable our achievement of good things. If we subconsciously feel we are worthy of receiving the blessings Universe has to offer, we will open our door to them.

Similarly, if the message sent to the subconscious is a negative one, the stored triggers enable behaviors that will cause us to fail and get what we feel is our just deserved.

Of course, none of these processes take place on a conscious level. When we feel we have been wronged, and react according to the suggestions of our ego - or when we do something which is not for the greater good - we might believe we are right and justified, but our soul knows differently and keeps note.

The goal of our soul-body is to grow and conquer those blocks that need to be removed before enlightenment can be possible. Although an act of revenge or greed is justified in “earthly” terms, it is never accepted by our soul. That is what Jesus himself meant when he suggested turning the other cheek after being slapped.

Life is but a mirror of our inner world. By changing the way we respond to people and events, we change our future, for that is the nature of Karma.

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