Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blog for Hope: Two Kitties Looking for a Home, and a Home Looking for a Tenant

Happy chilly Saturday morning!

The cooler breeze reminds us once again that winter is at the door. While this cold, harsh season provides the earth with an opportunity to rest and regenerate, its dipping temperatures and shorter days accentuate the hardship of struggling families even more.

Blog for Hope is here to reach out to families and individuals who need a little lift. If you are willing to share a bit of your time, skills, or financial help, please post to the main page of the group, or e-mail me directly at

If you are in need, or know someone who is, you are encouraged to do the same.

Today's highlights:

One of our beloved Golo members is going through a terrible time right now. Although he is trying every possible evenue to save what he has, he is well aware that he will be losing his home to foreclosure if he can't find a tenant soon. The home is a ranch in Cary NC; if you are interested, or know anyone who might, please leave a note on Nicsautomotive's profile or contact me directly.

Because of the uncertainty with his financial future, Nic is also looking for a good home for two of his fur babies, Crystal and bemis. We've all had the opportunity to read the adventures of little Bemis as he made his way into Nic's world and heart one rainy night. Since this little guy had a rough start, Nic doesn't want to expose him to an uncertain future, and he would be happy if little Bemis could find a happy home, where he is loved and cherished. Crystal has been Nic's companion for a while now, but like Bemis, she is often forced to a lonely life without much human companionship while Nic is out working, trying to keep the ship afloat. The perfect scenario would be one in which Bemis and Crystal are adopted together, since they have developed a tight bond.

Please, if you can help with either of these causes, leave me a note ASAP. Nic is trying is hardest, and he deserves a little support. Blog for Hope is a venture aimed at raising hopes for those who feel they have none left. So, join me here, and let's all unite to shine a ray of hope in Nic's direction. If you belong to any other social networks, please feel free to copy and paste this information. Word of mouth can be a very powerful tool to help someone in need.

Have an awesome day, everybody!!!

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