Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Unexpected Reminder

“The mere fact that you have obstacles to overcome is in your favor…” ~ Robert Collier

Yesterday, while on my way to pick up my son from a sleepover, I got a flat tire shortly after leaving my house. I pulled over into a side street, called my husband to inform him of where the car was located and walked home.

It was a nice walk – the trees lining the street were raining hues of orange and gold, and the breeze was cool enough to remind one of the changes ahead. As I was admiring the small bunches of leaves neatly bunched by the base of the trees, something caught my eye…in the midst of the soft leafy bed was a five dollar bill!

I picked it up and gingerly walked the rest of the way. When I got back, I called my son’s friend’s parents to let them know I would be a bit late picking him up. They said that it was no problem; in fact, they offered to give him a ride so I would not have to rush my husband getting the tire fixed.

While I was talking to them, my oldest son made some coffee, and we both sat at the kitchen table chatting for a bit. It was a lovely time. We talked about lots of different things, and I thoroughly enjoyed those moments with him. Toward the end of our coffee chat, the phone rang and I was overjoyed to hear the voice of a friend I hadn’t talked to in years.

Shortly after, my youngest son was dropped off, and my husband arrived to fix the tire. Suddenly I realized something…if my tire hadn’t gone flat, I would have missed out on a lot of good things. Somehow, this obstacle allowed me to slow down and smell the proverbial roses.

It’s hard to properly assess an obstacle in the heat of its manifestation, as our attention is absorbed by the difficulties of the moment, but if one is able to detach from the emotional charge which is brewed during a trying experience, good things began to emerge, and when all is said and done, we realize that we have gained more than we have lost.

Obstacles slow us down and give us the chance to notice the blessings we would otherwise bypass.

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